Kelantan Flood 2014


Our country is characterised by two monsoon classifications, namely, the Southwest Monsoon and ´┐╝the Northeast Monsoon. The Northeast Monsoon brings heavy rainfall, whereas the Southwest Monsoon normally signifies with drier weather.

However, recently we faced with unpredicted weather phenomenon such as tornado, continuous drought and massive flood.

Therefore, weather of real data is necessary for many activities. In other hand, we also generate the data into historical graph and report.

Drier weather


Floods in Malaysia can be classified in two categories:
i) Flash flood ;and
ii) Monsoon flood
Hydrological perspectives dictate that the difference between these two disasters is the period taken by the river flow to recede to the normal level. We are currently developing an urban flood warning detector to enable better preparation in safeguarding both lives and property. Our first test site is located in the area of Cheras.

Cheras Weather


Today: 19-08-2019 22:13

Flood warning test site*

High Probability
Moderate Chance

* the prediction model works on the basis of flood occurring, not how long it lasts, nor the degree of its intensity.

Peninsular METAR Reading

Wind Reading

Today: 19-08-2019 22:13

Pressure Reading

Today: 19-08-2019 22:13

Temperature Reading

Today: 19-08-2019 22:13